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The sky is the limit for women in the tech and crypto world

Technology increasingly shapes our world, making the empowerment of women in the tech industry urgently necessary. The theme for this year's International Women's Day, "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress," highlights the crucial yet often overlooked role of women in technology. Although the industry has seen progress with more women becoming programmers and software developers, the cryptocurrency (crypto) space is still predominantly male, with men constituting approximately 95 percent of the sector.


Why does crypto matter? Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology stand at the forefront of the tech industry, offering a realm brimming with possibilities for women to pioneer new advancements. This article celebrates innovation, empowerment, and progress in honor of Women's Month. It emphasizes that the inclusion of women in crypto goes beyond filling quotas; it fuels innovation and develops solutions that cater to a wider audience. Ultimately, women's involvement in the crypto sphere is vital for creating a more inclusive, fair, and innovative financial ecosystem. Their contributions can balance the industry and ensure that the advantages of crypto and blockchain technology are available to everyone.


Women breaking barriers and decoding success in crypto

The tech industry, historically dominated by men, is experiencing a significant transformation. In the dynamic world of crypto, women are stepping forward, bringing a wealth of diverse perspectives and pioneering innovations. They lead blockchain startups, delve into crypto venture capital, and play essential roles in driving change, enhancing inclusivity, and challenging the status quo.


Below, we highlight pioneering women from various backgrounds who are integral in shaping platforms, formulating policies, and cultivating communities that dictate the future of the financial sector.


Their contributions span a broad spectrum, from technological innovation and artistic exploration to regulatory acumen, community empowerment, and educational leadership. This highlights the profound and varied impact women have in the crypto and blockchain domains. It showcases their crucial role in building an inclusive, fair, and progressive industry. Through their efforts, these women are not just breaking barriers but also establishing the foundation for a more diverse and inventive future in finance.


  1. Elizabeth Stark - Co-Founder and CEO of Lightning Labs: Stark stands out in the crypto realm for her contributions to Lightning Labs, which is developing the Lightning Network to facilitate quicker, more affordable Bitcoin transactions. Her leadership is instrumental in advancing scalable blockchain technologies.

  2. Maliha Abidi - Artist and NFT Creator: This Pakistani-American artist is making significant impacts in the NFT domain. Her art, which celebrates women's accomplishments and champions diversity in the crypto universe, has attracted considerable attention for its dynamic depiction of women from diverse cultures.

  3. Dorothy D. DeWitt - Vice President, Coinbase: With a background as a director at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), DeWitt now serves as Vice President and General Counsel for Business Lines and Markets at Coinbase, bringing her extensive regulatory and financial expertise to the platform.

  4. Olayinka Odeniran - Founder of the Black Women Blockchain Council: Odeniran established the Black Women Blockchain Council to boost the presence of black women in blockchain and fintech, concentrating on education, empowerment, and opportunity creation.

  5. Tavonia Evans - Founder of Guapcoin: Evans, a crypto entrepreneur, launched Guapcoin to support African-American and minority-owned businesses, merging technology with community and social impact.

  6. Kiana Danial - Author and Crypto Educator: An internationally acclaimed personal finance and crypto educator, Danial's "Crypto Investing For Dummies" has guided numerous newcomers in the field.  

  7. Amber Baldet - Co-Founder and CEO of Clovyr: Previously at the helm of J.P. Morgan's Blockchain Center of Excellence, Baldet co-founded Clovyr to merge modern app development flexibility with blockchain, aiding businesses in developing decentralized apps.

  8. Kathleen Breitman - Co-founder of Tezos: Breitman co-founded Tezos, notable for its self-amending blockchain, introducing a novel approach to blockchain evolution and governance.

  9. Jinglan Wang - Executive Director of the Blockchain Education Network: Wang plays a crucial role in expanding blockchain technology, focusing on educational initiatives and community building to foster widespread adoption.  

  10. Neha Narula - Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT: Neha Narula is at the forefront of digital currency research, exploring the implications and potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At MIT, she leads projects that aim to enhance the scalability, security, and accessibility of digital currencies. Her visionary work is guiding the future of how we think about money and transactions in a digital age.


These women, among others, are driving the growth and diversification of the crypto space. Their work emphasizes the critical need for varied perspectives in fostering innovation and making blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible and inclusive.


Frequently Asked Questions  


Why is involving more women in the crypto space important?

Involving more women in crypto brings diverse perspectives, crucial for fostering innovation. It addresses gender inequality in a field traditionally dominated by men, leads to more inclusive financial solutions, and empowers women through access to new investment opportunities and economic participation.


How does the success of women in the crypto space impact the broader industry?

Women's achievements in crypto resonate beyond blockchain technology. They serve as role models, encouraging young girls to explore STEM fields and demonstrating that barriers are meant to be broken. They challenge old narratives, highlighting the invaluable contributions of women to technology.


What obstacles do women encounter in the crypto industry?

Women in crypto often deal with underrepresentation, gender bias, and limited visibility and recognition. They may also face fewer opportunities for networking and mentorship, which are essential for career progression in technology.


How can we motivate more women to engage with crypto?

Motivating women to engage with crypto involves education, fostering supportive communities, showcasing successful women in the field, offering mentorship programs, and advocating for diversity and inclusion policies within organizations.


Are there organizations that support women in the crypto field?

Yes, numerous organizations support women in crypto, including Women in Blockchain, Global Women in Blockchain, and Women Who Code. These groups provide resources, networking opportunities, and platforms for collaboration and learning.


What roles do women assume in the crypto industry?

Women participate in every aspect of the crypto industry, serving as developers, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, advocates, and leaders in blockchain and crypto projects.


How does women's involvement in crypto contribute to wider market adoption?

Women play a significant role in household financial decisions. Their increased participation in crypto can lead to broader market adoption through their investment choices and advocacy for crypto.


What effect does including women have on the development of crypto techs?

Incorporating women introduces a variety of ideas and perspectives, leading to more user-friendly and accessible crypto technologies. It ensures that products and services meet the needs of a diverse audience.


Can women's engagement in crypto address specific financial challenges they face?

Definitely. Women's involvement in crypto can bring attention to and offer solutions for financial issues like the gender pay gap, providing alternative ways for women to save, invest, and achieve financial independence.


In what ways are women influencing the future of crypto?

Women are shaping the future of crypto by leading innovative projects, participating in policy and regulatory discussions, and promoting an inclusive and equitable evolution of the crypto space.


What resources are available for women interested in crypto?

A plethora of resources exists for women interested in crypto, including online courses, webinars, forums, conferences, and social media groups. Many organizations also offer scholarships and grants to women pursuing blockchain and crypto education.


How can I become involved in the crypto industry?

Begin by learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies through online courses, webinars, and forums. Attend crypto meetups and conferences to network with industry professionals.


What skills are beneficial for a career in crypto?

A solid understanding of blockchain technology is fundamental. Skills in computer science, cryptography, economics, and data analysis are valuable, along with problem-solving and adaptability.


How can I ensure safety while exploring crypto?

Stay informed about potential risks, use secure wallets, activate two-factor authentication, and exercise caution with your investments. Conduct thorough research before engaging in any crypto transactions.


Is it possible to contribute to the crypto industry without financial investment?

Absolutely. You can contribute by becoming an educator, advocate, or community manager, participating in open-source projects, or engaging in forums and discussions.


Celebrating women's breakthroughs in crypto for Women's Month

As Women's Month draws to a close, we celebrate the remarkable women who are breaking barriers and charting new paths in the crypto space. Their pioneering spirit and innovative contributions not only challenge the status quo but also enrich the entire crypto ecosystem with diversity and creativity. This month, and beyond, let us continue to spotlight and support the achievements of women in crypto, recognizing their role in shaping a more inclusive and dynamic future for the industry. Their success is a testament to the boundless potential of women in tech and a reminder of the progress still to be made towards gender equality in all spheres. Here is to the women leading the charge in crypto, inspiring a new generation to dream big and aim high.

About the Author

Luc Muhizi is a Computer Programmer who guides beginners and experts through this evolving sector. He is also the CTO at HAZEYouth, a nonprofit that champions youth empowerment, encourages creative thinking, and lifelong learning to unlock their potential.


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20. März

The recognition of women's achievements in the crypto industry is crucial not just during Women's Month but all year round. Their contributions are indeed shaping a more inclusive and vibrant future for the sector. The success stories of women in tech underscore the immense potential that lies within a diverse workforce and highlight the ongoing journey towards gender parity. Cheers to the trailblazing women in crypto who are setting a powerful example for future generations to dream without limits and reach for new heights. Their leadership and vision pave the way for continued innovation and equality.

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20. März

At #HAZEYouth, we celebrate the remarkable women who are breaking barriers and charting new paths in the crypto space. Here's to all the young women who dare to disrupt and innovate.

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